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Who is 'Our Donna'?

Born in Brighton but raised ‘oop north’ near Manchester, my site is named as a nod to my northern roots - up there everyone is someone's 'our'.  

I loved to paint when I was younger but life, kids and a career in the military and security consultancy within Britain's cultural sector took over.  I rediscovered the power of expression in painting during the pandemic. It became my refuge, a medium through which I was able to channel my emotions, fears and frustrations. 

Each of my creations is a  visceral reflection of my ever-shifting moods and emotions.  Embracing the ethos that art is a nonlinear voyage, I allow my works to organically evolve, often veering into unforeseen destinations much like the unpredictable course of life.  Nurtured by the enchanting scenes of the Surrey nature reserve that surrounds me, I also find inspiration in the cyclical rhythms of the seasons.  Nature and the earths elements are often referenced in my work.  

I love to experiment and thrive on the interplay of colours, textures and emotions, crafting works that resonate with personal authenticity and a universal appeal, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a vivid symphony of colours and forms.  I work predominantly with acrylic paints, sprays and inks and employ an array of tools and techniques, from brushes and squeegees to unconventional implements like scrapers and spoons.   I also love working with resin to impart added depth and intensity to my pieces.  

I hope you like my work.

Donna x

Meet the Artist: Bio
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